1. the-brollective:

    tfw nobodys making videos

  2. no videos are coming out and these are the people in the community

    im done with slenderverse


  3. someone should draw fanart of me sitting at my computer putting mspaint text over slenderverse screenshots

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  4. wait tribe twelve got a vine

    hahahah thats hilarious

    oh my GOD

    imagine firebrand making vines of himself just doing creepy shit

    oh man wht the fuck

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  5. The hell happened to most of these Slenderverse Series


    EverymanHybrid’s last video was posted 4 months ago.

    Tribetwelve’s last video was posted 5 months ago

    Darkharvest00 & MLAndersen0’s last video was posted 3 months ago

    The only recent ones were WhisperedFaith which was 2 months ago and KeratinGardens which was posted one month ago. (Which wasn’t even Story that posted the video)

    …Is it a conspiracy?

    Or do they not know what to do? Everymanhybrid and Darkharvest00 seem to have reach that time where it’s gonna be hard to come up with any new material. And TribeTwelve, the only recent thing that was given was a photo of him on Twitter looking tired. Everymanhybrid pretty much killed most of it’s characters it’s started with and Darkharvest00 is pretty much out on the run from cultists and left us with that incident that’s happened in Log Entry 33. I think they’ve hit writer’s block at this point.

    marble hornets finishing killed everything

    or maybe they’re all HACKS

  7. youwillleadmetothepark:

    i have so many text posts these could go on forever


  8. lostwander:

    Someone take these pencils away from me

    (via should-have-burned-those-tapes)


  9. sleeplessnightsofthinking:





    jesus why did they have to do this complicated fucking crossover bullshit. now i have to watch two other series before continuing this one. for fuck’s sake, man. it’s a cool idea until you’re trying to watch something and not understanding a single fucking thing because you need to watch this other 100-hour series first

    Except you don’t.

    That’s not what crossovers are. Just because 2 series paths intersect briefly doesn’t mean you need to watch the other one in order to understand what’s going on in the one you’re watching.

    ^ This.
    Also, come now. I don’t think ANY series has reached fuckin’ 100 hours.

    Actually, in this particular instance, I do. And they don’t intersect briefly; that’s what I thought before and was gonna let it slide as a sort of ‘easter egg for fans’ thing.

    But no.

    Apparently, one of the main characters in one series is now one of the big bad in another series, and the baddies of a third series are also intertwined within this whole shebang as well as a third series I have yet to encounter but have already researched that I will need to know.

    So in order for me to understand ANYTHING, I now need to watch extra series, one that is 6 (and counting) hours long, another that is 8 (and counting) hours long, and another that is 4 (and counting) hours long.

    Together, including the original series I was watching, that is 24 hours and counting.

    And that is why I am angry.

    That way of thinking is just absolutely silly. You do not need to watch DarkHarvest to understand TribeTwelve, or vice versa. You don’t need to watch EverymanHybrid to understand The Andersen Journals or vice versa. If you feel that you need to watch it all to understand, then go right ahead, but it’s not meant to be that way at all, and for a lot of people, it isn’t. If this makes you angry, maybe you’re looking for your entertainment in the wrong place.

    i tried to watch the crossover videos for EMH/MLA and i had no idea what the fuck was going on at all

    but then again i never understand what the fuck is going on with EMH when they put a video out so what else is fucking new


  10. RIP Slenderverse