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    Not to be too nerdy about this, but absolutely buy the remastered season 1 DVD, guys. Even if you already have the DVD. It’s so worth it.

    It’s worth it for the bonus features, including a new blooper reel, and behind the scenes stuff that the old DVD didn’t have. 

    There’s new commentary, which is fantastic, and contains sadly less information on pizza combos and more information on Marble Hornets, as well as fun stories such as everything about Ellis and where the ghosts don’t live.

    Also, the new menus are kick-ass. No more box-of-tapes menu though :( (My personal favourite is the Audio menu but that doesn’t matter.)

    PLUS, it’s in WIDESCREEN now, with actual ~quality~ that you don’t get with either the original season 1 DVD or the 480p quality of Youtube, so that’s worth it. 

    Like, here’s a screenshot from the original season 1 DVD


    And here’s a screenshot from the remastered


    What I’m getting at here is buy the DVD because it’s great. Buy it here and become instantly cooler or something.

    thank you for the write up! <3


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    logs on deviantart


    logs off deviantart

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  3. i wish troy wagner was my friend

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    Troy and Alyssa are having a girl!

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    These are the pictures I took while filming the latest DH. It’s honestly even more creepy than the last time we went there. Especially during the day, you see things inside for the way they truly are instead of at night where most of the stuff is hidden. I’m glad to see our work still exists to this day.

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    i think these speak for themselves

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  9. Overused slenderseries tropes



    • Cryptic paper notes
    • Coded messages
    • Overuse of ‘fuck’
    • Main character filmed by another person/entity while sleeping
    • "Distortion" = color posterize effect
    • Crying in front of camera
    • Antagonist is really just mediocre impression of the Joker from The Dark Knight
    • Long, boring videos with no plot advancement
    • I Googled This And I’m Not The Only One With A Monster Chasing After Me
    • Unauthorized Name Dropping And/Or Gamejacking For More Views
    • Guys with pube beards

    if you’re talking about just bad trends in general, don’t forget the ever-popular:

    "What was that??!! Did you just see that?: = camera pans around a completely dark area and the audience sees nothing 


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    My mom said this article hit too close to home